Thursday, September 27, 2007


I've been convinced that my hair doesn't look that bad. So, here are some pictures of my journey to Spring Awakening... (courtesy of Amy's flickr account.)

I had to strain my back to try to fit everything in. As you can see, I was not successful. Apparently, Spring Awakening won the Tony for Est Musica.

Blake Daniel, being nice and signing Amy's playbill. Charming fellow. Has very red hair.

A mildly stalkerish photo. (I was bored, okay?) Matt Doyle, signing stuff that isn't for me.

Oh! Well look at that! Isn't that the STAR OF THE SHOW?

Matt has this ridiculously cute smile. Completely un-Melchior like. Makes me want to hug him. Not really sure Melchior would be the hugging type. But never fear; from what I could tell from my great seat in the very last row of the mezzanine, Matt did not smile like that throughout the duration of the show.

WHAT'S THIS? A TONY AWARD WINNER AND ME IN THE SAME PHOTO? Yes, that's John Gallagher, Jr. himself. I've been regularly shoving this in some of my friends' faces and gloating.

Well, that's that. I'll be blogging about Curtains soooon(ish). And then, I suspect, I shan't be blogging in a while as my bank account desperately tries to recoup from all the spending on musicals I've been doing.


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blahyblahy said...

I hate how after every one of these entries you're like "it was wonderful!" or "go see it i recommend it!" :(

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